Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

E-mail works best. I usually check my inbox once a day.

Cell: (541) 226-5523

Please, no calls before 10 am or after 8 pm PST


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About the Owner

     Lana's Hip Hoppin Rabbitry, owned by Lana Mellentine has been raising rabbits since 1999. 

I started out with 2 pet Mini Lops, added other breeds and eventually ML's were the official breed in 2002. 

     I obtained my ARBA Registrar's License in 2007. Also that year I did Youth Royalty at the ARBA National Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our Oregon Team was 2nd in the Nation for Judging! 

I passed my Judges test in June 2010, finished up my license in April 2011 & am now an ARBA Judge

   In June 2012 I graduated from Oregon State University receiving my Bachelors of Science in Animal Sciences. I had an option in Beef Cattle and focused in Agricultural Business Management. I had hopes to immediately move into graduate school in either New Mexico or Kansas, but in this economy I couldn't take the risk. So for now, I'm trying to hold onto a small herd and ride out the wave. 

    Without the help of my family (particularly my mom), my herd would not still be here. I cannot express how thankful I am for them to take care of my animals while I am at college.

I have to thank my rabbit friends I have made at shows, the registrars and judges who were willing to answer my every question or give me helpful tips, my 4-H leaders, who I cannot thank enough, and all the 4-H members who have helped me grow with them. For it is all of them that has helped contribute to my success.  

About our Barn 

We have a 12 x 20 barn, which holds 

15 24x24

15 18x24

4 30x24 

3 36x24

One wall is stackers with trays, while the other wall is a two level, with a slant board for the manure to run down the backside and onto stall mats. This wall I use for litters and juniors. 


ARBA Registered Rabbitry # X207 

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