Carmel & Butterscotch were the very first rabbits of LHHR. They started it all. Too old to breed or show, but they gave me the bug :)   

Photo from Rah Rabbitry>>>

Rah's Venice Rain was my first fully pedigreed, show Mini Lop She came from Canada bred to a Karin Vail buck. What a beginning!  

Ven gave me the show bug for Mini Lops She had a few litters for me, one of which included LHHR's Benvolio. One of my current herd rabbits LHHR's Kicker is 12 generations from Ben. (>> LHHR's WCM)

Best in Show of 472 in B & 1st Runner Up in Show A Pear Blossom RBA - April 10th, 2010

Best in Show of 663 in C 
West Coast Classic in Monterey, CA - April 25th, 2010 

Wins Best of Breed - Canby & Portland

Variety wins at both OR & WA State Coventions  

LHHR's Rylee

Registered Grand Champion

Chocolate Chestnut Agouti  Doe

10 legs (2 Best in Show, 5 BOB, 2 BOSB, BOV, BOSV,1 Best Sr)

Sire: LHHR's Mason (2 legs, 9th SJB ML Nats 09')

Dam: LHHR's Mia (Reg. 1 leg)

Rylee is one of our favorites. After a couple failed breeding attempts, we decided to show her. What a great decision that was :) 

Rylee is now a brood doe and will continue to provide us with quality offspring until we decide to permanently retire her in our barn. 

Rylee has given us five litters & we are very happy with the quality and color we are receiving from her. She will remain in the barn as a semi-retired doe. 

***RIP*** - Rylee passed away on July 21st, 2012. She will be missed :(  

Velotta's ReCurring Vision "Stitch"
Chestnut Buck

Registered Grand Champion 

10 legs (6 BOB, 4 BOS)

Stitch is one of the later sons of Hunter and has been with me since he was 8 weeks old. I cannot thank Nicole enough for him. 

He has consistently produced quality offspring; many Best in Show/Reserve in Show and is the sire to many Grand Champion and National winners.  

*RIP* Stitch passed away on July 5th, 2012.  

Velotta's Remington  #VEPR3 Seal Buck - Born: 1/9/11

Remington is a very balanced buck.  He has an excellent head and ear. His body is very short, compact, and deep.  He is a smaller buck.

Sire: Minterbrook's Remus, Opal, RGC, 10 Legs, RIS, BIS
5th of 80 SSB's @ 2010 ARBA Convention
20th of 97 SSB's @ 2011 ARBA Convention
Dam: Velotta's Parker, Chestnut, RGC, 4 Legs 


5/21/11: 1st of 8 SJB's for his first leg!
9/3/11: BOSV for his 2nd Legs

9/10/11: 1st SSB for his 3rd Leg!
Registered Grand Champion
9/24/11: BOSV for his 4th Leg
1/29/12:  1/20. BOS of 120 for his 5th Leg
2/18/12:  Best of Variety for his 6th Leg

4th of 24 in SMLRC Sunday Specialty
14th of 42 in Mini Lop National  

 Goes back to Stitch and his dam's side has compatible lineage with the does I have left. I have bred him to 6 does already!

LHHR's Mist At Dawn (MAD)

Bkn Blue GC doe, 4 BOB legs out of Velotta's Dean & Milkhouse's Sweet As Sugar

I used MAD for two years in showmanship while also competing with her in open. I sold her at State Fair my last year in 4-H and she died a few days later.   

 LHHR's Lil' Hollister 

Bkn Blue Steel Buck, *GC 6 legs 

Milkhouse's SS Minnow *GC x LHHR's Impeccable Holly (out of LHHR's Benvolio who is out of Vail's Ganache & my first show Mini Lop, Rah's Venice Rain! 

LHHR's Buster Blue 

Bkn Blue Buck

11th place BJB 2007 National Convention 

LHHR's Lil' Hollister GC 6 legs x LHHR's Blue Bijou

Buster was a buck I showed for a short while and sold to Amy up in WA. Our current colored buck Zeke is 6 generations down by Buster.  

LHHR's Easy Summer Breeze

Steel Doe - GC 7 legs, 1 RIS, 6 BOB

Velotta's Waltor *GC 10 legs x Velotta's Renee *GC 4 legs 

ESB was stunning doe who produced a lot of nice rabbits! Eventually I sold her to some Oregon breeders, who sent her up to WA, she came back down to Oregon -- that breeder couldn't get a litter out of her and sold her to someone who eventually put her on Craigslist. A breeder near me, saw the ad, picked up the rabbit and contacted ME, brought her to work with her the next day and she was finally back in good hands. I placed her in a good home in Ohio. 

LHHR's Dominic 

3rd place 09 Mini Lop National   

Dom was a very nice buck out of LHHR's Easy Summer Breeze *GC 7 legs & Velotta's ReCurring Vision *GC 10 legs. I sold him to Emily Brown in WA & when she was done with him she offered him back up to me. I placed him in a permanent pet home in Corvallis.

LHHR's Theodore *GC 3 legs (left) & LHHR's Titan *GC 6 legs (right)

out of LHHR's Maid Dignified *GC 10 legs & Velotta's ReCurring Vision *GC 10 legs 

These two bucks don't have any current descendants in my barn, but I do remember them. Theodore was last located in Vermont, and Titan last I knew was in Arizona.  

LHHR's Down in Kokomo *GC 3 legs, 1 BIS (left) & LHHR's Mr. Miami *GC 6 legs (right)

out of LHHR's Lil Gigi *GC 5 legs & Velotta's ReCurring Vision *GC 10 legs 

Kokomo was my first BIS winner, and I held Miami back and eventually sold him where he continued to produce nice stock. 

"Velotta's Drizzt" #VEFJ5
Chestnut Buck
Registered Grand Champion
4 Legs
9th of 53 at 2005 ML Nationals
Reserve in Show - Puyallup State Fair -Youth Show

Drizzt is the sire to LHHR's Exclusive Getaway (right)

LHHR's Mason (right) is out of Velotta's Exclusive Getaway & Stormie Haven's Keepsake. He is the sire to our Chocolate Chestnut herd doe, Rylee. 

LHHR's Exclusive Getaway, was a chestnut doe out of Velotta's Drizzt & Velotta's Bridget (two of my favorite animals from Nicole). She is the dam to LHHR's Mason (below). 

Stormie Haven's Keepsake -- was a buck that Amy gave to me several years ago. I mistakenly let him go too early, after figuring out what power he could produce. He was a super sweet buck!  

 LHHR's Mia -- out of LHHR's Mason and Stormie Haven's Keepsake. She is the dam to our Chocolate Chestnut herd doe, Rylee. 

Kitsemble's Melinda - GC 7 legs

Melinda was a doe that Sara sold me one good summer. She was smuggled onto a plane and flown to Seattle and then was transported all the way to me. She is the dam to LHHR's Hank Tank! 

LHHR's Pacific Pride

LHHR's Mr. Miami *GC 6 legs x Velotta's Renee *GC 4 legs

I kept this doe simply for her color and milk tipped ears, but further more she had a phenomenal body and head set. 

LHHR's Hades 

Velotta's Landen *GC x LHHR's Pacific Pride

The litter of 3 almost didn't make it, the kits got hot in the nestbox and fell out of their three story cage. I found them on the ground before evening came. 

Hades is the doe that really started the "Brianna" line. I never did show Hades, but rather bred her once to Twitch (before he was a super star, only 7 legs at the time), to create Brianna & Matthew. 

LHHR's Zeus Kennedy 

*RIP March 17th, 2009* 

Velotta's Landen *GC x LHHR's Pacific Pride

Zeus was a *stunning* buck out of this litter, the only Bkn Black Silver Tipped Steel that I've really ever liked. He was about to start his show career at the quad show in Myrtle Point. Somehow he got injured and by the time he made it back to my parents house he had to be put down. I can only image what this power house buck could have done for my herd. 

LHHR's Matthew 

<<< LHHR's Tomato 

 LHHR's Brianna  

 LHHR's Matthew & GC LHHR's Brianna 

LHHR's Hades x Velotta's Twitch *GC 60 legs + 

Nicole let me use Twitch on a few of my does and breeding him to Hades was probably the best decision ever. I got a nice buck Matthew, whom is the father of my latest herdsire Hank Tank. And I got the ever stunning Brianna, who eventually granded. I was able to get three does out of her (Lettuce, Pickles & Tomato) her before sending her to South Carolina. (She eventually granded there and has some nice offspring there too). Lettuce lives in Wisconsin now, Pickles is the dam to Bell Pepper (current, who produced Cucumber & Avacado), and Tomato (now living in Ohio) produced Fry Sauce who is now down with Kassi Sieber. 

LHHR's Hank Tank  

Chestnut Buck

Registered Grand Champion 

4 legs; 3 BOSB

Sire: LHHR's Matthew (Reg) -- out of Velotta's Twitch *GC 60 legs + 

Dam: Kitsemble's Melinda (GC 7 legs)

5th/88 2010 ARBA Nationals, 11/76 2011 ML Nationals

Hank has been providing us with excellent offspring :) 

Daughters Kirby, Houdini, Bell Pepper and some wonderful juniors from Nell. 

LHHR's Bell Pepper 

Registered Chinchilla Doe

1 BOSV leg @ 12 weeks

3rd SJD Friday Night SMLC Specialty 

7th SJD MLRCA Nationals

9th SJD Sunday SMLC Specialty 

Dam: LHHR's Pickles (out of Snowball (Matty x Cupid) & Brianna (Twitch GC 60 legs)

Sire: LHHR's Hank Tank (GC 4 legs) out of Matthew (Twitch GC 60 legs) & Kitsemble's Melinda 

 Milkhouse's Michelle

Black, Reg

Sire: Milkhouse's Smackin 

Dam: Milkhouse's Lynn

Michelle Obama spoke at my Oregon State University commencement & this doe was a little present to myself for graduation.

She's given us several keepers in 5 litters. Never fails to be a great mom!